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Dear John,

My wife and I met you at the Bedford County Fair and she surprised me by buying your book and giving it to me that day. I am on the last chapter and wanted to tell you I really liked it! I am 49 years old and can relate the politics and policys of law-makers and leaders that you mention in the prisons to SO MANY different areas of life. The lack of accountability has been a cancer in our country for the last 40 years. Self discipline, respect, and responsibility have gone out the window on all levels. I hold our leaders responsible for this. To be a leader you should be the best example and ALWAYS strive for the good and the right for all. I personally believe that without God as our supreme authority, personally and as a nation, that this is the results we end up with. I believe it is inevitable from any angle. Thank-You for putting this book out there. It gave me a look inside our prison walls, and also warned me of the trouble coming our way. It was especially nice meeting you at Bedford, Pa. Sincerely, Steve Marks

Hell Behind Prison Walls
Shams, charades, and circus from 25 years of instructing inmates.