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tursivetips    13 August 2018 03:00 | USA
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Mary Jo    22 September 2015 16:06 | Mason, MI
Yeah John, Just showing your web site to a couple of people. Love ya Jo

Chuck    07 September 2013 11:30 | GDS PA
Hey John just wanted to tell you I loved your book. I bought "The Devil's Den of Prison and Justice" from you at the GDS fair. I am 41 years old and I have not read a book since school and then only cause I was forced. I read all 536 pages in three sittings the first was the night I bought it and stayed up till 3 am. The only reason I put it down was I was so tired my eyes went blurry. This is a true commercial for the book as I have add really bad and can't stay focused on things very long but I could not stop reading it!!!! Just wanted to let you know. And I will be getting your first book ASAP. Good luck to you. I really hope the right people read the book and it makes a difference. I am sending the book to my daughter at SUNY Oswego. She can't wait to read it. I didn't tell her you went there. It's a surprise lol.

John Flatt    24 July 2013 00:26 | Kittanning, pa
My Son and I met and Talked with You at Clarion County Fair, We Both enjoyed talking with you, you were very informative, thank you for your time, look forward to reading your books

Chet    09 December 2012 12:32 |
Hi john, I received [your second book, "The Devil's Den of Prison and Justice] the other day. My brother has been wanting your second book since he read [Your first book, {Hell behind Prison Wall} I can see that you put a lot of time in this book. I thought I had a hard time in a factory for 40 years but I could never go through what you have. God bless you and your family,[you have a beautiful family] keep up the great work and thanks again for the second book.

Mark    28 August 2012 12:16 | Schuylkill Haven Pa
Hello John
I met you at the Hartford Fair and purchased your book Hell Behind Prison Walls, I LOVE it
it was so nice to talk to you i really enjoyed our conversation
Thanks Again

Steve Marks    19 January 2010 10:38 | PA
Dear John,

My wife and I met you at the Bedford County Fair and she surprised me by buying your book and giving it to me that day. I am on the last chapter and wanted to tell you I really liked it! I am 49 years old and can relate the politics and policys of law-makers and leaders that you mention in the prisons to SO MANY different areas of life. The lack of accountability has been a cancer in our country for the last 40 years. Self discipline, respect, and responsibility have gone out the window on all levels. I hold our leaders responsible for this. To be a leader you should be the best example and ALWAYS strive for the good and the right for all. I personally believe that without God as our supreme authority, personally and as a nation, that this is the results we end up with. I believe it is inevitable from any angle. Thank-You for putting this book out there. It gave me a look inside our prison walls, and also warned me of the trouble coming our way. It was especially nice meeting you at Bedford, Pa. Sincerely, Steve Marks

Ray    17 November 2009 13:56 | West Mifflin,PA
John,I was going to send you a personal e-mail, but I don't have anything bad to say!!! Someone once said, "goodness, the more communicated, the more abundant (it) grows." Your guestbook is a better soapbox upon which to stand and shout. Well, I've read about 90% of both books and I make this conclusion. Our federal government does indeed need to better scrutinize the penal system operations at all levels and more often. Funding,of course, is problematical. But the biggest problem our country has not been able to solve over the last fifty years is the prioritizing of taxpayer dollars' distribution effectively. Thanks! Ray

Mr. Steven Beals    05 November 2009 10:53 | Tyrone, PA 16686
I just had to write this letter. I read your book, “Hell Behind Prison Walls” and thoroughly enjoyed it. Once I started reading your non-fiction book I could not put it down. I took it back to the camper and jumped right into it. I found you to be a very creative writer and was most impressed by your details. My brother-in-law had purchased your other book and we are exchanging them after he finishes his. I told him on the phone last night to “Hurry up” Once again, thank you so much for an excellent good book. I am sure the other book “The Devil’s Den of Prison and Justice” will also be and excellent read.

Steve Beal

Ray Potts    11 October 2009 14:17 | United States
John, I'm reading both books from the beginning of each. I particularly like the short, but to the point chapters. I'm glad that I bought both books. My favorite type of reading is real life nonfiction that usually can only be found in biographies. The beginning of both books are very captivating. And I know that the best is yet to come!!! John, I truly enjoyed talking with you and installed your website among my "favorites" as soon as I returned home from Clarion last Sunday. Also, I've enjoyed reading the many entries from your guestbook. Well, remember me as I shall return with other entries, I hope, from time to time. Take care, Ray

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